The Comic


One minute, Toby and his dad were being chased by Ares Corp. The next, he was waking up alone on an operating table in an unfamiliar skin. Can Toby use his newfound powers to find his father, or will the answers behind his new body destroy his mind?

Bionic Antboy is a science fiction adventure, taking place 37 minutes in the future, serialized online every Tuesday as a webcomic.

About The Author

Bionic Antboy is written and illustrated by Doug Groves. Since referring to oneself in the third person can get creepy quite quickly, I’ll put a stop to that nonsense right now.

I work at a studio in Toronto as a VFX and motion graphics artist. You can see more of that stuff at which will link through to the studio I work out of, and another webcomic I work on (currently on hiatus), as well as a whole bunch more. Also, I don’t always wear hats, but when I do, they’re cowboy hats.