Welcome to Bionic Antboy’s Launch!

Did you ever have an earwig?  You know, one of those ideas that never quite lets go, even after years?

That’s what this story is.  Bionic Antboy is a character originally based on a typo in a chat room over 15 years ago, and refused to stop being an idea.  Between other projects, I picked at him in both design and story form, never quite settling on whether I wanted to treat him as a video game pitch or an animated projct.

Then, last year, I rediscovered my love of drawing comics, having started up a weekly comic with Ryan Fox. While we continue to work on The Practical Dead (www.thepracticaldead.com – shameless plug), I decided to revive Antboy, as he seemed a perfect for the medium.

Bionic Antboy is an ongoing process, and over time I may revisit pages to tweak dialogue, fix typos or any other changes I see fit.  If you happen to see a typo, or something that looks off, let me know either via the contact page or in the comments.  It’ll be greatly appreciated!

Most pages will be posted individually, but some will be double-page spreads.  Since the font is scaled for print, you might want to click on the image to make it more readable.

Though the initial plan is to do a page a week, if all goes according to plan, I’ll be able to do more than a page each week. I’ll also be playing with the web design and other aspects as it continues. including the font you’re looking at right now (well, if you’re reading the text in the artwork).

So, if you don’t mind adding the Bionic Antboy feed to your comic list, I hope you’ll come along for the ride, and share it with your friends.



August 5th 2013