I know, I know… cover art is supposed to come before page one, not after. That being said, when I work on the words and pictures, doing cover art is often the last thing on my mind. Throughout the process, different cover ideas will come out, but from a workflow point of view, the cover, or at least this one, is as much a punctuation mark as it is a teaser.

Speaking of process, I had mentioned in the note under the final page of this issue that I was considering changing my workflow somewhat. I’ve already said I wanted to focus more on the inking, since issue one was about getting the right feel for the overall methodology, and the colour process in particular.

In an effort to get on a schedule that’s more than once a week, I’m planning on initially presenting each page in black and white, and then eventually replacing the black and white pages with colour. I’m also torn about continuing with the coloured word balloons, but that’s something to ponder later.